This Pelicans-Thunder Trade Is Centered Around Zion Williamson

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Zion Williamson was supposed to be the savior of the New Orleans Pelicans franchise and many hyped him up to be the next best player in the NBA since LeBron James, which still could happen, but it does appear that his time in New Orleans could be coming to an end. 

In the offseason, Zion Williamson suffered a fractured right foot that required surgery, but the problem was that he went and had surgery on his own without telling anyone within the Pelicans organization, leaving them with plenty of questions during Media Day, when Zion showed up in a walking boot and crutches. 

This injury was downplayed at first by the Pelicans and they originally stated that if he wasn’t ready for the start of the season, that it would not be long after for him to rejoin the team. This was in late September, early October, and here we are now in March talking about Zion Williamson sitting out the remainder of the year. 

Zion Williamson’s future with the New Orleans Pelicans is very clouded right now and it seems like it is just one thing after another with the young All-Star, especially after there was a story from The Athletic last offseason about his family wanting him out of New Orleans. 

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While recent scans of Zion’s foot have the Pelicans optimistic about his future, as well as the fact of him rejoining the team is reassuring, there is still no telling on what the future holds for Zion Williamson in this league. 

Entering the offseason, Williamson will be entering the final year of his contract and will be up for a rookie contract extension. 

Should Zion Williamson and the Pelicans not be able to agree on a new deal, many teams will begin inquiring about his trade availability, one of which could be the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: NBA Exec Reveals Dark-Horse Trade Destination For Zion Williamson

GM Sam Presti is one of the best league executives out there and with all of the draft picks his team has gathered through the years, the Thunder can virtually target any player that they want in a trade! 

It will not be long until the Thunder make a big move and pursuing Zion Williamson could make the most sense for them. Let’s take a look at an offseason trade proposal put together by Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz that sends Williamson to the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

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