Ben Simmons To Sit On Bench During Nets vs Sixers?

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There has been no concrete timetable provided for when Ben Simmons could be making his debut with the Brooklyn Nets as he continues to deal with a back ailment. But, one thing we do know is that he will be with the Nets during their highly anticipated game against the Philadelphia 76ers during the Wednesday NBA slate.

The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers completed a blockbuster deal ahead of the trade deadline that saw Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two first-round picks head to Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden and Paul Millsap. It was a transaction that ended a standoff that lasted months between Simmons and the 76ers.

While Simmons isn’t playing in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, going to Philadelphia and just sitting on the bench with the Brooklyn Nets is likely a big step in his recovery process. He cited mental health as one of the reasons he requested a trade last summer and it is something he will eventually have to face. Getting it over with now is something that will benefit him, head coach Steve Nash believes.

“It’s great,” Nash said. “He’s on our team, he needs to be with his teammates and get the whole Philly thing out of the way a little bit. Maybe it never goes away, but the first time it’s always nice to kind of deal with it and move on.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NBA Injury News: Will Nets’ Ben Simmons Play In Return vs 76ers?

Ben Simmons is likely going to receive visceral boos from the Philadelphia crowd. Philly fans have no remorse, as they famously booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during a Philadelphia Eagles game and Simmons will certainly receive similar treatment.

Nash believes Simmons knows what is coming and thinks it is something that he should embrace. Nash said the boos are one of the things that he misses about the game and is hopeful that Simmons will enjoy it.

Goran Dragic, who signed with the Brooklyn Nets following a buyout from the San Antonio Spurs, knows the Nets will be entering a hostile environment. But, he doesn’t believe Simmons will have an issue with it either.

“It’s probably not going to be pleasant,” Dragic said. “The same as in Toronto [for me], but it is what it is. We’re all professional athletes. At the end of the day it’s only boos, so you just go out there and perform and try to do your best. But as long as it’s nothing serious, no throwing things and just be verbal, I don’t care.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NBA Injury News: Will Nets’ Ben Simmons Play In Return vs 76ers?

There have been numerous instances of fans crossing the line in recent years, so hopefully, it doesn’t come to that for Simmons. Ultimately, this is something he knew he would have to face at some point as he did request a trade.

As Dragic said, it is part of the job. Fans are going to boo on the road and it is something that should be expected. But, for Ben Simmons, the boos will likely be a little louder and harsher during his first trip back to Philadelphia.

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