Why Russell Westbrook Should Reach Offseason Buyout With Lakers

Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Trade Rumors, Boston Celtics
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Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA
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1. Salvages What Value He Has For Multi-Year Deal

This season has been unquestionably a disaster for Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers. His perceived value has tanked beyond levels imaginable to some. Could you imagine where his market will be if he were to go through another season of this?

By getting a buyout agreement reached in the upcoming season, Westbrook would be maximizing his immediate chances to land a multi-year deal somewhere before his value goes down after another year of playing.

The Lakers are known to be a cheap franchise, but given the dire straights they will be in to move on from him, Westbrook could likely still keep an attractive amount from his $47 million player option.

For the Lakers, the benefit would be to sharply reduce the luxury tax burden while ridding themselves of a player that has caused genuine problems behind the scenes and on the court. It would also help Los Angeles to regroup around LeBron James while they still have him.

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There will be some team that is willing to take a chance on Westbrook once again and he’d probably be able to get a multi-year deal out of it. Waiting to attempt this would surely ruin those chances.

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