NBA Point Guard Rankings 2022: Ja Morant Rising Up The Ranks

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There are a ton of talented players across the NBA, but no position is more important than the point guard position. Comparable to the value a quarterback brings to an NFL team, a point guard in the NBA can come in many different ways, but the one thing they all share in common is being the “floor general” for their team. 

Point guard play is essential to teams contending for championships and usually, the top teams in the league have one of the better backcourt talents in the entire NBA. 

This NBA season, guard play has dominated the league and many new faces have emerged as some of the top point guards in the league. In fact, we saw seven first-time All-Stars this year, five of which were point guards. 

The “old school” players and veteran talents at the point guard position still reign supreme in this league, but the new generation of players is bringing a lot of firepower to the table. 

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The versatility of the point guard position is what makes it such a unique position in the NBA today and whether they are primary scoring options or primary facilitators, one thing that is very apparent is that the point guard position has never been more important in this league. 

Before we dive into the Top-10 point guards list, it is worth mentioning Jamal Murray and Ben Simmons, two potential Top-10 point guards in this league that was not included because they have not played at all this season. 

It is also worth noting that James Harden is not included on this list either since he has switched back and forth from a point guard to a shooting guard at times this season.

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With Philadelphia now though, Harden is their primary point guard and has been playing like a Top-5 point guard in the league. 

Without further ado, here are the best point guards in the NBA right now. 

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