Everything To Know About Kyrie Irving’s Status For Nets Home Games

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On February 23, New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke in regards to NYC’s vaccine mandate that has affected the NBA and specifically, the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving. Adams stated that he and his staff were in the beginning stages of lifting the city’s vaccine mandate, which would likely pave the way for Irving to begin playing home games once again. 

Kyrie Irving has only played in 15 total games this season and zero home games as a result of New York City limiting athletes who are unvaccinated. Now though, Adams’ recent comments and revisions to the vaccine mandate in New York City could once again limit Kyrie Irving’s availability not just for the rest of the regular season, but for the NBA playoffs as well. 

New York City is going to be lifting its COVID-19 vaccine requirements for indoor events, but Irving still will not be able to play in home games because of the city’s workplace vaccine mandate. The funny thing about everything is that while he cannot play home games at Barclays Center, Kyrie Irving can still attend the games and sit courtside with his team in the arena, just adding more question marks to these regulations in place. 

“Listen, I want Kyrie on the court. I would do anything to get that ring. So badly, I want it. But there’s so much at stake here. And I spoke with the owner of the team. We want to find a way to get Kyrie on the court, but this is a bigger issue,” Eric Adams told CNBC in regards to the Nets and Irving’s status. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NYC Mayor Speaks Out On Kyrie Irving’s Eligibility For Home Games

“I can’t have my city closed down again. It would send the wrong message just to have an exception for one player when we’re telling countless number of New York City employees, ‘If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be able to be employed.”

COVID numbers continue to decrease across the nation and in New York City specifically, which is why we are seeing many places begin to “open up’ again and ease their restrictions. Still though, the mystery of when Kyrie Irving will play in New York City again goes on and all of these “regulations” seem completely useless for one major reason. 

Saying Kyrie Irving cannot play or be in the arena right now for home games because he is unvaccinated is fine, but then why can unvaccinated players from other teams play in Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center? 

This whole situation all year long has single-handedly singled out Kyrie Irving and it seems like the rule-makers in the city are trying to make an example out of him for no reason at all. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NYC Mayor Speaks Out On Kyrie Irving’s Eligibility For Home Games

Mayor Eric Adams claiming that he wants to find a way to get Kyrie Irving on the floor is fine, but he has the full power to make this happen. There is no reason that Kyrie cannot be given an exemption to play the rest of the season without any restrictions placed on him and more so, there is no reason that he cannot play in home games if he can now sit courtside at them. 

Adams did agree on Monday that the rules currently in place keeping Irving from playing home games “makes no sense”, but if he truly believes this, then why doesn’t change them to make sense in regards to Kyrie Irving’s situation? 

This whole ordeal between the NBA and New York City has not made sense since the start of the season and now, Kyrie Irving and the Nets are heading towards the playoffs not knowing if the All-Star will be able to play every single game. 

“Businesses have their vaccine mandates. City employees have their vaccine mandates. I have to follow the rules. And trust me, I want Kyrie on the court,” Eric Adams told CNBC. “We are here right now opening our city because of vaccine mandates. We can’t close down again. I can’t have my city close down again.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NYC Mayor Speaks Out On Kyrie Irving’s Eligibility For Home Games

Currently the 8-seed in the Eastern Conference and three full games behind the Boston Celtics for the 6-seed right now, the Brooklyn Nets are facing a key part of their schedule down the stretch run of the season. 

With just 21 games remaining, the Nets have little room for error and they really need to try and avoid the play-in tournament altogether not just because of the injuries they are dealing with on their roster, but because their first game in said play-in tournament could very well be against the Toronto Raptors. 

Should the Nets draw the Raptors in the 7-seed/8-seed matchup, Irving will not be able to play in this game simply because of both New York City’s and Toronto’s vaccine mandates that are still in place. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: NYC Mayor Speaks Out On Kyrie Irving’s Eligibility For Home Games

Figuring out a “middle ground” in this situation is a must for NYC, the Brooklyn Nets, and the NBA because what has happened to Kyrie Irving this season is simply unfair.

Irving not being vaccinated is one thing. Saying that he can attend home games, but cannot play in them is one of the most contradictory rules that has ever been created.

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