Top Landing Spots For Buyout Candidate Guards After Dragic Signs

Dennis Schroder
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Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder will be arguably the most sought-after player on the buyout market. It would be shocking if the Houston Rockets didn’t work out a buyout with him, as they have shown no interest in playing veterans this season.

Schroder has proven he can be one of the best sixth men in the NBA and is also a solid starting guard. He is a player that could look to lock in a longer-term deal following a buyout if the opportunity presents itself.

A team such as the New York Knicks could present Schroder the chance to be their starting point guard. The point guard position has been a mess in New York and is as big of a reason as any that the team has struggled so much. But, their path back to the postseason is a difficult one.

Schroder could opt to sign with a team that is contending this season. If that is the route that he takes, he will end up with the Chicago Bulls.

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Chicago has been hit hard by injuries this season. Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso are both currently sidelined, while Zach LaVine is dealing with some injury issues as well. Schroder would step right into a prominent role with one of the best teams in the NBA.

That would afford him the chance to rehab his value in important games down the stretch as he will attempt to land a multi-year deal this offseason.