Top Landing Spots For Buyout Candidate Guards After Dragic Signs

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Just because the NBA Trade Deadline is now behind us does not mean the player movement will stop in the NBA. It will only pick up in the coming weeks as the buyout market will garner everyone’s attention in the basketball world.

This is usually where the contending teams will put the finishing touches on their rosters for the stretch run of the season. Sometimes, some veteran players make it to free agency via buyout that has a big impact down the stretch run of the season.

Buyouts are something that has become more prevalent in recent seasons. Sometimes veterans with bloated contracts get bought out so that teams can open roster spots. Or, if a player gets traded at the deadline to a rebuilding team that has no real interest in them, they will get bought out.

There were four instances of a veteran landing with a team that won’t need for them. Goran Dragic and Tomas Satoransky both landed with the San Antonio Spurs, while Eric Bledsoe was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers. Dennis Schroder went from the Boston Celtics to the Houston Rockets and will assuredly be bought out at some point.

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The Rockets have another veteran point guard in John Wall that many people are waiting to see get bought out also. His player option for next season complicates things, but since they were unable to find a team to trade him to, could they bite the bullet and work out a buyout now?

Dragic is no longer available after he signed with the Brooklyn Nets—joining his former mentor, Steve Nash, from when they both played together as members of the Phoenix Suns. Now, the Nets have another veteran guard to deploy when Kyrie Irving cannot play in home games. There are still options with Dragic off the board.

Let’s take a look at each player that could be bought out and take a look at some of their potential landing spots and which may be the top one amongst them.