Lakers’ Russell Westbrook Reacts To Latest NBA Trade Rumors

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With the NBA trade deadline only weeks away, there are a lot of players who are hearing their names brought up in trade rumors. There could be a lot of movement ahead of the deadline this season, as there are very few teams projected to have cap space this summer to sign free agents.

As a result, teams could look to make moves now with an eye toward the 2022-23 season knowing they won’t be able to sign players over the summer. For some players, the trade rumors are nothing new.

One of the players who have been part of plenty of rumors in recent years is Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is on his fourth different team in four seasons, being traded in three consecutive offseasons. If the Lakers have their way, he could be on the move in-season for the first time in his career.

There has been a lot of chatter centered around Westbrook since being acquired from the Washington Wizards. A lot of people questioned his fit with the Lakers. While he has shown flashes, overall, things have not panned out.

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As a result, Los Angeles has been canvasing the league gauging trade interest in Westbrook. Not surprisingly, interest has been minimal. Westbrook recently spoke about the trade rumors and said that it isn’t something that he is worried about.

“I never worry,” he fired back. “Do the job. Be professional. Every year, my name is in trade (rumors). It never, never, never seeps into how I approach what I do. It’s kind of what I was mentioning back there (during the press conference). I see this game so different (in terms of) how to use it to be able to impact things.

“Regardless of if (a trade) did happen or if it didn’t happen, nothing’s going to change my mentality or my purpose. I feel like I have a purpose that’s bigger than basketball and I always keep that as my forefront regardless of what happens inside of pro sports.”

Westbrook certainly takes a healthy approach to the rumors. There is very little he can do to control them, so he does not let them bother him at all. He sticks to what he knows, focuses on things that he can control and maintains the same approach regardless of how things sound.

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Currently 22-22 on the season, the Los Angeles Lakers will be looking to shake things up for the stretch run of the season. Russell Westbrook will continue hearing his name in those NBA trade rumors, but he likely will be staying in Hollywood for the duration of the season.