This Blazers-Pelicans Trade Is Focused On CJ McCollum To NOLA

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The New Orleans Pelicans have been extremely disappointing this NBA season. Zion Williamson has yet to play in a game this season, but regardless, the rest of this Pelicans squad has way too much talent to be playing at the level they’re playing at.

Brandon Ingram and company should at least be enough to compete for a play-in spot. While they may not get there, they should at least be more in the mix than they have been. And in fairness, they’ve been much more competitive since their early-season woes.

That being said, if they continue to disappoint, moves could (and should) be on the horizon. There are plenty of teams looking to shake things up at the trade deadline this season, and there’s no reason for the Pelicans not to get in that mix.

One of the teams who could make a ton of moves is the Portland Trail Blazers.

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With Damian Lillard likely done for a good portion of the remainder of the season, some are speculating that they could take this time to completely re-shape the way the team looks.

A player that has been constantly brought up in trade rumors has been CJ McCollum. Is there a deal to be made between the New Orleans Pelicans and thePortland Trail Blazers involving McCollum? What would a trade like that look like?