Predictions For NBA Trade Rumors: Reddish, Fox, Grant, Simmons

NBA Trade Rumors, Ben Simmons, Cam Reddish, Jerami Grant, De'Aaron Foc
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The NBA Trade Deadline is a month away (Feb. 10) and while we have only seen a couple of small trades made, the big fireworks are surely right on the horizon. Maybe there will be less trades this season compared to that of last year, but one thing we do know is that some big names across the league have not escaped from recent rumors.

All eyes are on the Philadelphia 76ers as they continue to field calls from teams across the league on Ben Simmons, but teams are also watching Jerami Grant in Detroit as well. Potential moves the Los Angeles Lakers could make are also dominating headlines across the NBA. 

On top of everything else, NBA franchises are still battling the effects of COVID-19, which has led to over 300 different players entering health and safety protocols over the last two months.

Between finding replacement players on 10-day hardship contracts and just fielding a team of 8 players, many front-offices have not had the time to address the trade market yet. 

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This year’s trade deadline will surely feature some big names from across the NBA on the move, but what will be the first dominos to fall? 

There is plenty to talk about pertaining to names that could be on the move over the course of the next month, but let’s take a look at some predictions and intel on Cam Reddish, De’Aaron Fox, Jerami Grant and Ben Simmons. 

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