5 Massive Blockbuster Trades To Re-Shape NBA Landscape

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The NBA trade market has been slow to heat up this season because of the rising number of positive COVID-19 tests. Teams do not know which players are going to be available on a given night for a game, let alone evaluate the roster and pinpoint who they could make available.

As a result, things may take a little longer to develop. But, there are plenty of players that could be on the move in the coming weeks. With cap space looking limited around the league this offseason, making trades will be the source of making upgrades to a roster.

The picture of who will become buyers and sellers is also beginning to clear up. The Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons have yet to win 10 games, while the Houston Rockets are stuck on their second-longest losing streak of the season. The New Orleans Pelicans, with Zion Williamson remaining without a timetable to return, could also be a seller.

But, some superstar players could be on the move sooner than later. There was a lot of chatter over the offseason that some big names could be on the move, but the biggest trade was Russell Westbrook heading to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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There are numerous other All-Stars and All-NBA players that could be made available by their respective teams in the coming weeks and months. Which teams could be in the market for a blockbuster deal?

Here are five massive blockbuster trades that would re-shape the NBA landscape as we knew it should they be worked out. 

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