These 3 Teams Should Keep Tabs On Lakers’ Anthony Davis Trade

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The Los Angeles Lakers made the bold move to trade a lot of their future draft picks and young players to acquire Anthony Davis to pair him with LeBron James—forming the NBA’s next superstar duo.

There already has been a championship victory achieved by Davis and James when the Lakers pulled off a title run in the NBA Bubble in the summer of 2020. A key factor in that success was the level of execution Davis provided as a jump shooter.

Not only did Davis shot 49.6% from mid-range and 35.7% from three-point range in the NBA Bubble and has been substantially lower in his execution before and after that period. Without his ability to make teams pay for packing the paint, playing alongside two superstars without high-level spot-up shooting hasn’t worked.

Russell Westbrook has been the key focus of NBA trade rumors as of late. Regardless of whether that’s justified or not, he will most likely be the first scapegoat if the Lakers fail to win a title. Anthony Davis may not be able to come out unscathed, either.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Could Anthony Davis Eventually Be Traded By Los Angeles Lakers?

It was floated by long-time NBA insider Marc Stein that speculation from around the NBA ‘asking the question’ regarding whether the Lakers could look to trade Davis before his contract runs out. To be clear, that’s not reporting the team is actively considering or looking to trade him.

Let’s take a look at three teams who should keep tabs on the trade availability of Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis.

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