Why Cavaliers Should Push for Ben Simmons Trade

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The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to be one of the surprises in the NBA this season. They are currently 20-13 and right in the mix in the Eastern Conference. This is a team that knows its identity and is playing well on both ends of the floor. Could they be in play for one of the biggest names on the trading block?

Ben Simmons is no closer to be traded out of Philadelphia but there are recent reports that The Cavaliers could be interested. These reports came from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“Ben Simmons in Philadelphia, I think you’ll start to see the 76ers re-engage teams. Certainly he is no closer to agreeing to come back to play with the Sixers this season, and they don’t have any real traction on a trade yet. Trade deadline is Feb. 10, and you can expect teams who’ve been engaged with Philly previously – Indiana, Sacramento, Minnesota among them,” Wojnarowski said during ESPN’s basketball coverage on Christmas Day.

“But here’s an interesting team to watch: the Cleveland Cavaliers, who before they went on this really incredible start to the season, had been engaged with Philly on Simmons. They’ve got some really intriguing assets, either in a straight deal or perhaps a three- or four-team deal. It was reported earlier J.B. Bickerstaff agreed to a new extension today through 2026-27. This is a team in Cleveland that’s just a game out of third place. 

Philly’s a team right now, in that bunched up East, who could be out of the play-in with a couple of losses, the way it’s bunched up. So expect Philly to start talking more with teams as we get closer to that Feb. 10 deadline, and it will be interesting to see if Cleveland re-engages as a team that I think’s built for long-term success with all their young players. Ben Simmons is only 25 years old; he does fit into the timeline of that team.”

Was this a rock-solid report? No. There has not been a bomb dropped just yet but speculation is enough to get everyone thinking. With the way the Cleveland Cavaliers have played, this adds some more food for thought in terms of a potential deal.

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This Cavaliers-Sixers Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Cleveland

Cleveland is not the most desirable place for big-time free agents. It has been a difficult place to lure stars, with the exception of when they wanted to join LeBron James. Well, James is not walking back through the door and the Cavaliers should look to trades to land that star. When looking at a potential package, the Cavaliers have plenty to send Philadelphia.

Let’s begin by looking the untouchables. Darius Garland has made huge strides this season while Evan Mobley is looking like a Rookie-of-the-Year favorite. Right now, that is about it.

Collin Sexton has missed time this season and there were rumors in the offseason about Cleveland wanting to move the point guard. The Sixers are interested in productive players for Simmons and Sexton fits in that category. The Cavs would also be able to move a member in the frontcourt. This is a unit that they bolstered in the offseason.

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This Cavaliers-Sixers Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Cleveland

With Mobley off the board, that leaves Kevin Love or Lauri Markannen. Either way, Cleveland should pull the trigger. Love has returned to action and is contributing while Markkanen is solid. The fit for both bigs in Philadelphia would be promising next to Joel Embiid. Love has championship experience and that is valuable for a win-now team like the Sixers. This is in addition to some first-round draft capital that seems inevitable.

There are no perfect trades. It always works out that one side seems slighted in some way. Daryl Morey has said that the front office will be patient in moving Ben Simmons and they want a huge return. Cleveland has the assets to do so and all of a sudden look like a team that can make a postseason run. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & RUMORS: This Cavaliers-Sixers Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Cleveland

J.B. Bickerstaff recently signed an extension. Cleveland is full of young talent and Simmons could be another big-name addition. If this franchise can continue winning, there will be some more intrigue for others to join. This is not to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win a title but Simmons could help them come postseason time.