Best Landing Spot For Top Names In NBA Trade Rumors

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The NBA season is well underway and that means teams are beginning to separate themselves in the standings. Not only are teams finding identities but they are beginning to search for trade partners. This is where some rumors will surface and some moves can be made.

It was a busy offseason with some big-name players changing hands. This was done in free agency and in sign-and-trade deals around the league.

Despite all of the action, there were still some big names that did not move. This does not mean that they will not, it just means that the teams are waiting to find the right deal.

This includes the Philadelphia 76ers. They decided to hang onto their point guard despite Ben Simmons sitting out. The team is waiting for the right deal and the same can be said about a team like the Indiana Pacers.

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They have three names that could be moved at any point. This year’s trade deadline has the chance to be one of the most entertaining in recent memory.

When thinking about some of the available names, there are some clear fits in terms of landing spots. Here are the ideal landing spots for some of the league’s biggest names on the block.