Luka Doncic Interested In Playing With Ben Simmons

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The Dallas Mavericks are still on the lookout for a secondary ball-handler to pair with Luka Doncic. It was on their to-do list during the NBA offseason, but they were unable to find a deal with one, whether it was a free agent or trade with another team.

One player that has been linked to them is veteran Goran Dragic. Dragic ultimately prefers to land with the Mavericks, joining fellow Slovenia Doncic in the backcourt. For now, he remains with the Raptors but is away from the team because of personal reasons.

The Mavericks have Jalen Brunson, who is more than capable of filling the role. He has excelled in the starting lineup alongside Doncic but is a key piece of the team’s second unit as the facilitator and go-to scorer. Without him running the show there, the bench suffers greatly.

Leaving the bench that short-handed would put a lot of pressure on the starting five to win games. As a result, Dallas remains in the market for another ball-handler. It has been reported that Dragic is okay with any role with the Mavericks.

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However, is it possible that the front office aims higher than Dragic? Yes, he would be a solid addition to the team, but one surprising name that popped up recently as a potential target; Ben Simmons.

According to Austin Krell, Doncic has expressed interest in teaming up with Simmons. That interest goes back to the summer when it was first reported that he had requested a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Pairing Doncic and Simmons together would be a lot of fun to watch. If the Mavericks kept Kristaps Porzingis in this scenario, they would have quite a trio to build around and compete with in the Western Conference.

Simmons would help solidify a Mavericks defense that has been better this season than in years past but still could use some improvements. Dallas is currently 19th in the NBA in defensive rating according to Basketball-Reference and Simmons would help turn that around instantly.

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Simmons is one of the most versatile defenders in the NBA as he can defend every position on the floor. Offensively, he doesn’t offer the shooting you’d want around Luka Doncic, but his playmaking would certainly help take some pressure off of Doncic, who too often is the sole creator offensively on the floor.

With December 15th, when a large number of players become eligible to be traded, right around the corner, we could see trade talks centered around Ben Simmons start picking up again and the Dallas Mavericks could be in the mix as they look to fill their biggest need.