This Knicks-Lakers Trade Lands Russell Westbrook In New York

Russell Westbrook
Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
New York Knicks Receive: G Russell Westbrook
Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G Evan Fournier, G Derrick Rose, F Kevin Knox II

The clear-cut focus of this NBA trade scenario would be former MVP Russell Westbrook going from the Los Angeles Lakers to the New York Knicks to team up with Julius Randle and RJ Barrett.

There was a stark contrast in results the Lakers experienced with Westbrook when LeBron James was sidelined due to injury in the team’s victory over the San Antonio Spurs. It was intriguing to see, but can they co-exist and thrive?

There is only so much staggering for the playing time of Russell Westbrook and LeBron James that can be done throughout a game. At some point, they will have to play long stretches with each other and it will have to work at a high level in order to contend.

It’s far too early to say whether or not Westbrook will be a fit for the Lakers. Instead, if it’s determined before the deadline that he’s not, the Lakers could consider making a move.

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The New York Knicks could benefit from adding more starpower into the fold. A talent of Westbrook’s caliber could help to maximize the team’s standing in the Eastern Conference.

How does this trade impact both teams? Let’s take a look at it from each of their perspectives, starting with the Knicks.