This Spurs-Warriors Trade Swaps Potential Franchise Centers

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Would this trade make sense for the Golden State Warriors?

There’s plenty to like about what Jakob Poeltl brings to the table for a team that is looking to win a championship. He’s a savvy positional defender who rebounds effectively and is highly efficient as a finisher around the basket.

The Warriors do like what they have with James Wiseman because he has the tools to develop into being a genuinely intriguing big man in the NBA. If they were to part with him in an NBA trade scenario, it’s got to be genuinely worthwhile to do so.

There is value in taking big swings when there’s a real outlook to win a championship as the Warriors currently face. However, is Poeltl really the missing piece that is worth parting with the No. 2 overall pick from the 2020 NBA Draft?

It’s up to Bob Myers to answer such a question of that nature. For what it’s worth, the answer from my perspective would be no. The return would need to net a more dynamic option. For example, a player like Myles Turner who possesses elite rim protection and shooting ability would be intriguing.

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It does seem as though the Warriors would have a superstar trade target as more of a requirement to part with a young piece like Wiseman. Mostly because if those talents develop, it can sustain their contention window.

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