Could John Wall Land With Miami Heat In Future?

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There has been very little traction when it comes to the Houston Rockets’ pursuit of finding a team to trade for former NBA All-Star point guard John Wall. Wall and the Rockets agreed that he would not suit up for the team this season and they are holding to that agreement despite there being no market for him at this time.

Wall is healthy enough to play and has basically turned into another assistant coach for theHouston Rockets, aiding the younger players in their development. His attitude and willingness to play certainly aren’t what is keeping him from being traded. What is keeping another team from acquiring him is his contract.

Wall is being paid $44.3 million this season and is owed $47.4 million next season on a player option. In discussions that Houston has had with other teams, it has been requested that Wall offer some assurances that he will decline his player option. 

That would essentially make him an expiring contract if he agreed to it. More teams would be willing to trade for him in that scenario, but it is not going to happen. Wall will not come close to landing an annual amount near that, let alone a contract that pays that much.

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There have not even been many teams linked toJohn Wall, as fitting a salary of his size onto the books is easier said than done. But, one team to keep an eye on for Wall’s future landing spot is the Miami Heat.

“Though the Heat would have interest in adding point guard John Wall if he’s bought out by Houston, ESPN said that’s not happening because Wall doesn’t want to give up his $47.4 million player option next season, let alone his $44.3 million salary this season.”

If Miami wants to acquire Wall, they will have to wait probably until next year. At that point, he may be willing to give back some of the money on his contract in a buyout so that he can land with a new team and start playing again.

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Miami certainly has a need for another point guard as Tyler Herro handles a lot of the playmaking duties on the second unit. The Miami Heat is exactly the kind of team John Wall would be looking to land with, as he would presumably look to land with a contender that has minutes readily available for him to play.