Nets Finding Their Stride Without Kyrie Irving — Time For Trade?

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After some early hiccups early in the NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets are beginning to play basketball as we know they are capable of. They are currently 10-4, riding a three-game win streak and being victorious in eight of their last nine games.

After some early-season adjustments, James Harden is beginning to turn things around. He is second in the NBA with 9.3 assists per game, taking over the point guard role that was vacated by Kyrie Irving’s refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine. His shooting numbers are beginning to tick up as well as he adjusts to the new rules put in place as well.

Kevin Durant has been playing at an MVP level despite everything that has been going on. Durant is the best scorer. He makes it look so easy, averaging 29.6 points per game as nothing can slow him down.

His efficiency is otherworldly, as he is leaving defenders helpless on a nightly basis.

That brings us to the question; should the Nets look to make a trade? Irving is not returning any time soon, as he is seemingly holding out hope that New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams will make adjustments to the COVID-19 mandate.

Those changes will not come until at least January 1st, which is when Adams will be taking office. WIth how well the Nets are playing, they can afford to take the long-term approach with this.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving’s Plans For Nets Could Be Impacted By NYC Mayor

Durant and Harden provide more than enough production to keep the Nets afloat for the time being. Navigating the regular season with those two leading the way should result in plenty of wins.

But, a trade should not be ruled out later on in the season. If it becomes clear that no adjustments to the mandate are going to be made to the mandate, the Nets should increase their efforts to trade away Irving.

Figuring out fair compensation for Irving right now is virtually impossible. He is away from the team, there have been reports that he would retire if he was traded and his vaccination status makes him a huge risk. Not to mention his personality and how he carries himself being something a team has to figure out his fit with as well.

Irving has a player option for the 2022-23 season, so there is a chance he declines that and becomes a free agent. That kind of circus is something Brooklyn can avoid if they trade him before the deadline in March.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving’s Plans For Nets Could Be Impacted By NYC Mayor

Allowing Kyrie Irving to walk away in free agency without receiving any compensation for him would be a worst-case scenario for theBrooklyn Nets. Even if they do not get back equal value in a midseason trade, getting something worthwhile in return is better than being empty-handed.

While now is not the time for the team to be making a deal, it should be something on the table once there is more clarity about the New York City mandate come January 1st.