Major Obstacle In Warriors Trade For Ben Simmons — Revealed

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Throughout the offseason, there were a lot of NBA trade rumors swirling around the Golden State Warriors about potential deals they could make. Golden State was armed with plenty of assets and was in a position to make a splash trade.

Any big-name player that was mentioned in NBA trade rumors, Golden State was seemingly connected to. Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, Ben Simmons, Pascal Siakam, you name it. If there was a trade rumor, the Warriors were connected in some way.

That blockbuster deal never materialized, but the Warriors are always looking for ways to improve the team and remain contenders. After missing the postseason for two straight years, Golden State looks poised to make a return this season.

The team still has the assets to make a move should one arise. But, you can likely count Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers out of the running as a target for them. In a recent HoopsHype podcast, Simmons’s trade scenarios were discussed.

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Simmons has said that he would like to play for one of the California teams and people connected the dots to the Warriors. Alas, the feeling is not mutual, as Golden State ownership doesn’t see Ben Simmons as a fit or worth the price tag.

“There are people within the building that would be intrigued by the idea. There’s definitely a contingent that asks how will that fit with Draymond? Simmons could fit in the Warriors’ read-and-react style, but he’d make the most sense in the Draymond role as the pick-and-roll guy with Curry. What matters most is that the guy up top, Joe Lacob, has literally been fined for giving his opinion about not believing in Simmons’ fit with the Warriors. If you talk to him behind the scenes on or off the record, he’s transparent that he’s not giving up the young guys, particularly for a flawed type of star, like Simmons. It would have to be a home-run type of thing for them to move off Wiseman or Kuminga.”

The fit with Draymond Green and Ben Simmons is a legitimate concern. Both are non-shooters that defenses can sag off of on offense as they are not real threats from the perimeter. Having one player like that, especially when they can initiate the offense and be a playmaker at the level of those two is okay, but making it work with both would be a challenge.

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Simmons is a souped-up, athletic version of Green. If the Golden State Warriors were to move on from Green, Ben Simmons is certainly the type of player they would target to fill the void.

However, if they are not willing to part with some of their younger assets, such as James Wiseman or Jonathan Kuminga, their offer isn’t one the Philadelphia 76ers would seriously consider.