This Grizzlies-Hawks Trade Is Centered Around Cam Reddish

Memphis Grizzlies, Brandon Clarke, NBA
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Would this trade make sense for the Atlanta Hawks?

Last season is done and the Atlanta Hawks are onto the next. That means they have to do what it takes to remain competitive in a top-heavy Eastern Conference. This is not to say that the Hawks are championship contenders but they have what it takes to make another run come playoff time.

This trade would not land them another star in the rotation but it would allow them to part ways with a trade piece. Reddish has the size and jump shot to be valuable to another team in a trade.

This all depends on if the Hawks want to move Reddish and take advantage of a trade. This has been a rumor over the last few months and it could happen this season given the potential need to alleviate future financial burden.

The Hawks have a clear direction and they signed their core to extensions this offseason. The front office has been aggressive and this is another chance for Atlanta to do what it takes to win right away.

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The Hawks are as strong as they come in certain areas. They could use some more depth and this is a deal that would land some right away.