This Grizzlies-Hawks Trade Is Centered Around Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish
NBA Analysis Network

The Atlanta Hawks are going to continue to contend in the Eastern Conference and this is the plan moving forward as they pursue an NBA championship. They can continue to add some more pieces in trades if they feel like it will help. This is a front office that has been aggressive and we might see that happen once again.

In this case, the Hawks would be moving a piece for some assets. In the past, they have made some additions. This includes Bogdan Bogdanovic, who played a big role next to Trae Young during last year’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals.

After proving he was a star even further, Young signed a contract extension with the Hawks this offseason. The Hawks were also able to bring back John Collins in free agency and De’Andre Hunter will eventually need a contract extension, too.

The Memphis Grizzlies are another team with a franchise player to build around. Ja Morant has looked like the real deal over his first two years in the league and this was proven further with a postseason appearance last year.

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The Grizzlies navigated their way to the eighth seed in the Western Conference — taking a big step forward for a rebuilding franchise and this could continue much this season. Memphis has a chance to add some more threats on the perimeter and they could do this by moving some pieces that they have made available via trade at some point this season.

When the time comes, the Hawks and Grizzlies could get together for a deal to help both sides. Here is what that potential deal might look like between Atlanta and Memphis moving forward.