This Lakers-Sixers Trade Features Ben Simmons To L.A.

Russell Westbrook
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
How This Trade Impacts Philadelphia 76ers

It is hard to envision this being a trade that the Philadelphia 76ers would have any interest in doing. Not only are they conceding and giving Ben Simmons something he wants in being traded to Los Angeles, but they are also getting back a player that doesn’t fit what they are trying to do with their roster.

Russell Westbrook struggles as a shooter, much in the way Simmons does. You don’t have to worry about him no-showing a big game as Simmons did in the postseason, but he would make for an awkward fit alongside Joel Embiid.

The 76ers are looking for players who can space the floor around Embiid and Westbrook is not that. His shortcomings defensively would also be another thing the team would have to overcome.

The former MVP would bring a lot of toughness and leadership the team doesn’t have, but that is not enough to fulfill what the 76ers are looking for. Philadelphia would certainly be getting a motivated Westbrook, but he isn’t what they are looking for in a deal involving Simmons.

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Trading away their best asset in Simmons without getting anything back that could help build a package in the future for someone they truly want, such as Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal, would make this a no-go for the 76ers.

It is even more of a hard pass when their 2021 first-round pick in Jaden Springer has to be included to help match salary.