Nets’ James Harden Reacts To Drastic NBA Rule Change

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Players are always looking for an advantage when they step on the court, and sometimes that includes skirting some of the rules in place or embellishing some things. As a result, the NBA makes some adjustments to their rules each offseason to try and stay ahead of things.

This offseason, the biggest change when it came to referring was an emphasis on non-basketball moves. Offensive players had been leaning in directions on shot attempts to get foul calls and easy points at the foul line.

Thus far, it seems that the changes they have made are working. Players are not being rewarded with free throws for ticky-tack plays that had been rewarded in the past.

As with any rule change, there will need to be adjustments made. This is a rule that is impacting the offense of some players and James Harden is one of them.

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James Harden is currently averaging only three free throw attempts per game. That is a drastic change from years past, as Harden averaged at least 10 free throw attempts per game every season except one with the Houston Rockets.

Harden discussed the rule changes following the Brooklyn Nets’ loss to the Charlotte Hornets, 111-95, on Sunday.

“It’s still basketball at the end of the day,” Harden said. “No matter how much of a big deal we try to make it a foul is a foul. It’s pretty simple.”

Harden has been referred to as the poster boy for these changes by head coach Steve Nash. He hasn’t gone that far himself yet but did address the league’s officials during his presser as well.

“I’m not the type to complain about it,” Harden said. “I just ask every official [if] they see a foul just call a foul. Sometimes I feel like coming into a game it’s already pre-determined or I already have that stigma of getting foul calls but, I just ask for officials to just call what they see.” 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: James Harden Makes Future Plans With Brooklyn Nets Clear

This will certainly be something to keep an eye on going forward. Harden has been the most frequent visitor to the foul line in recent seasons, but he will not be getting some of the game calls this season as he has in years past.

James Harden said he isn’t going to change his style of play because of the rule changes, but there will have to be some adjustments made to help get the Brooklyn Nets’ offense back on track.