3 Teams Best Positioned To Make Trade For Damian Lillard

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Damian Lillard is going to continue to be the biggest storyline this NBA offseason. The saga surrounding Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers will continue to be discussed until a decision is made.

At this point, the ball is in Lillard’s court and whether he wants to request a trade out of town or remain with a franchise that drafted him.

Lillard has turned into one of the best players in the league over the years. He is an elite shooter and a top point guard that any team would benefit from having. Portland has had the luxury of Lillard for many years but that could be coming to an end.

The Trail Blazers are coming off a season where they were eliminated in the first round for the fourth time in five years. This could cause disgruntled feelings and could be the ultimate reason the Lillard wants out of Portland.

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If this happens, there will be plenty of teams interested in a point guard like Lillard. He is a piece that can make a team better right away. Lillard has averaged at least 25 points in each season since 2014.

During that time, his three point percentage has gone up and he is now a career 37.5% shooter. In today’s NBA, Lillard is the prototypical guard that teams want in the backcourt.

The Blazers will have their pick if they want Damian Lillard available in the open market. Here are three teams that should be on the phone early in a trade to acquire the All-Star point guard.