4 recently drafted players who need a change of scenery

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The 2021 NBA Draft brought a new group of talented young players into the league. The next basketball superstar could be among those players and every team is hopeful that they will find him.

Whether it is a player selected high in the draft, late in the first round or second round, there is always talent to be found. Unfortunately, things do not always work out as planned when it comes to prospects with the team that drafted them. You are much more likely to select a player that doesn’t work out than land a future Hall of Famer.

There is a multitude of things that can cause this to happen. Some teams just do not have the capabilities of developing players who need the work, whether it be poor organizational structure or coaching staff that doesn’t get the most out of their players.

Injuries are also a major deterrent in players not realizing their full potential. A player being outperformed by his teammates at the same position could bury him on the depth chart as well, leading to limited opportunities to showcase his talents.

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Sometimes, a player just does not end up being a good match for the franchise that selected them. Once they move on, they can spread their wings and turn into the player many thought they would be. 

That change of scenery could be everything for a player. Here are four players that were recently drafted that could use a change of scenery.