4 perfect trade destinations for Kings guard Buddy Hield this offseason

Sacramento Kings
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Sacramento Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield has never seemed closer to a departure from the team. He has been in NBA trade rumors for over a year now and this offseason feels like the time a transaction will come to fruition.

The Kings have their backcourt of the future with De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton. While Hield could play alongside them on the wing, the Kings could opt to instead move him and balance out their roster.

Sacramento has very little depth on the wing. Harrison Barnes is the only real threat they have at small forward, and he could be on the move this offseason as well. While he is still a productive player, the Kings could flip him to a contending team whose timeline he better fits.

Hield has seen his role yo-yoed by head coach Luke Walton since he took over the job. His first year as head coach, Hield was in and out of the starting lineup. In his second, his role changed as the team made room for their dynamic rookie in Haliburton.

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At this point, a parting of ways seems like the best course of action for both parties. Hield could use a fresh start elsewhere with three seasons remaining on his contract and the Kings can focus all of their efforts on their new starting backcourt.

Hield would have no shortage of suitors on the trade market should the Kings make him available. Here are four perfect trade destinations for Buddy Hield this offseason.