This Celtics-Spurs trade lands Dejounte Murray in Boston

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Does this trade make sense for the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics are supposed to be a team looking to win right away but they do not look like that this season. They landed the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference and were eliminated in five games by the Brooklyn Nets.

With new personnel in place, Boston is looking to return to their win our team in a conference that they should compete in. Murray suffered a knee injury early in his career but has returned and show that he is a true starting point guard. He would not have to be there in Boston with names like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in the rotation.

Murray would have a chance to contribute at his own pace. His passing ability and defensive prowess are both aspects that should intrigue the Celtics right away. This would be an ideal replacement to fill the void left behind by the Kemba Walker trade.

If Murray is truly available on a deal, the Celtics could get a bargain from a team looking to sell. He would replace the needed defensive presence that Marcus Smart has brought for many years and would bring more upside offensively into the backcourt.

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This was solidify the backcourt of Boston and bring them back to the level of they want to be. Brad Stevens has a chance to make an impact during his first season in the front office and he could take that step here.