Predictions for Latest NBA Rumors: Lillard, LaVine, Simmons, Sexton

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NBA rumors are in full swing this offseason and they are circulating around some of the league’s best players and best teams. After falling short of reaching the NBA Finals in the playoffs, the Nets, 76ers, Clippers and Lakers all find themselves a part of some of the league’s biggest rumors this offseason, but there are plenty of other teams/names that are popping up all over the place. 

Damian Lillard, Zach LaVine, Ben Simmons and Collin Sexton are four players who are all key contributors for their respective teams, but could their futures be up-in-the-air? All four guys are under contract for the 2021-22 season, but each guy’s situation with their team is complex. 

Portland is on “thin ice” right now as an organization not only because they have failed to do anything in the playoffs over the years, but their recent coaching search has seemed to cause some frustration with Lillard. 

In Chicago, the Bulls are Zach LaVine’s team, but what is the latest on contract negotiations with their star guard? Will the Bulls and LaVine look to reach an agreement now rather than after next season ends when he will be an unrestricted free agent? 

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After losing in the Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Atlanta Hawks, the Philadelphia 76ers have found themselves in headlines everyday because of Ben Simmons. His inability to be effective on offense really cost them a chance at reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the NBA Finals. His future in Philly is definitely in doubt and there are some new developments about if he could be traded this offseason. 

And finally, Collin Sexton has been the Cavaliers best, young talent over the years, but he too is finding his name in trade rumors this offseason. Cleveland cannot afford to keep everybody and Sexton could be the latest guy they ship out to cut costs in order to bring back Jarrett Allen and some other young pieces.

There is a lot to break down and talk about pertaining to the latest intel surrounding some key talents in the league, so let’s dive right in and take a look at the latest news and predictions for Damian Lillard, Zach LaVine, Ben Simmons and Collin Sexton.

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