3 dark-horse trade destinations for 76ers’ Ben Simmons

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What will the Philadelphia 76ers elect to do with Ben Simmons this NBA offseason? The answer to that question will undeniably alter the outlook of Philadelphia’s organization moving forward.

Simmons, who has gotten a pass at times for his lackadaisical offense due to his contributions as a cerebral passer and a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, showed exactly why he’s holding back the 76ers during the playoffs this season.

Everyone knows that Ben Simmons hasn’t developed an outside shot since entering the league in 2016. Despite offseason or pre-game videos of him taking shots outside of the paint, Simmons has refused to translate his off-court workouts to his game on the floor.

This was especially true in the Conference Semi-Finals series versus the Atlanta Hawks, in which he attempted a mere three shots in all of the fourth quarters he played in.

With Daryl Morey wanting to build a long-time contender in Philadelphia, the best thing for both sides would probably be a divorce. Simmons is under contract, so a trade would be the only way for the 76ers to rid of the former first-round pick.

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Amid the NBA trade rumors surrounding Simmons, there are reports that Philadelphia believes they can work with him this offseason to improve his weaknesses as an offensive player.

But if the 76ers do happen to go through with a trade involving Simmons, here are a few dark-horse trade destinations.