4 players the 76ers should target in a Ben Simmons trade

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The Philadelphia 76ers have seemingly learned the answer to whether or not Ben Simmons can succeed alongside Joel Embiid. While the two have performed well in the regular season together, the NBA playoffs have shown that things are different for the duo.

Embiid isn’t a player that needs much more tuning to his game, but the lack of firepower that Simmons contributes on the offensive end could lead to his demise with the 76ers this offseason.

Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers were confident that Simmons would excel with Embiid this season, only to be proven wrong. Even though they could elect to give Simmons one more year to evolve as an offensive player, Philadelphia shouldn’t waste any time moving on from him.

The time to win is now for the 76ers, and holding out hope for Simmons to develop could be detrimental for the future of the organization.

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Despite people thinking the trade value for Simmons has tanked — which it could have — there are always teams that believe they can fix a player. On the other end of the spectrum, if Philadelphia does choose to make Simmons available via trade, then they would prefer to get a star player in return.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at four players the 76ers should target in a trade involving Simmons, sorted in order of most realistic to least realistic outcomes.