This Bulls-Celtics trade is focused on Kemba Walker to Chicago

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Both the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics have point guards that have been in NBA trade rumors since the beginning of the 2020-21 season between Kemba Walker and Coby White. The two sides could get together and finally pull the trigger on a deal that they have been looking for involving the top of their offense.

For Boston, we are of course talking about Kemba Walker. Ever since signing a free-agent deal with the Celtics, Walker has seemingly been on the decline as knee issues have plagued him. This could lead to is being traded in the offseason.

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The Celtics could look to another team looking to get rid of a point guard. Coby White has progressed in Chicago but the Bulls have not stopped shopping him and seems. While he will be sidelined for the next four months due to a recent surgery, that shouldn’t be a major concern given how far away we are from the start of next season.

Nikola Vucevic was the big game at the NBA trade deadline to pair with Zach LaVine. Adding more veteran talent that can not only play off-the-ball but create off-the-dribble would go a long way for the Bulls. As long as Walker is not sidelined for an extended period of time, Chicago would benefit.

Now, Chicago to be looking for a new point guard to complete the lineup. Here is what a deal but look like if they want to add Kemba Walker into the mix, per Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz.