This Heat-Wizards offseason trade is focused on Russell Westbrook

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are dealing with another NBA season of being at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. They continue to be a team with little direction and seems like it’s not going to change for a long time. When the offseason comes around, Washington could be one of the teams that decided to sell big. It could target one of their stars.

The Wizards acquired Russell Westbrook from the Houston Rockets in the offseason. This was supposed to create a dynamic duo along with Bradley Beal in the backcourt.

While the two stars are having great individual success, that has not translated to wins for the team. Neither was moved at the trade deadline but that might not be the case wants to season is complete.

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The Heat are known for being aggressive. They showed this once again at the NBA trade deadline when they made a deal for Victor Oladipo. It is unknown their intentions with Oladipo but there is a chance that an extension gets done. This means Miami is interested in going back to each win-now ways. In the offseason, they could look to improve the point guard position further.

These two teams are in very different positions Moving forward but they could help each other in a trade. Let’s take a look at what a potential deal between the two sides might look like in the offseason.