This Mavs-Sixers trade is focused on Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Philadelphia 76ers saw an overhaul in the organization went Daryl Morey took over in the front office. He joined Doc Rivers, who is the team’s new head coach, and the duo has things pointing in the right direction for Philadelphia. They can continue their season by making another deal at the NBA trade deadline.

The 76ers made it clear that they did not want to trade Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid this season. That is proving to be the correct decision as they enter the NBA All-Star break as the top team in the Eastern Conference. Tobias Harris has played well while Embiid is looking like an MVP candidate.

The front office decided to finally add shooters on the perimeter which has helped immensely. Seth Curry has been a welcomed addition for the Sixers so far and Danny Green has played an important role, too. Having such talents has really opened up the offense.

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The 76ers could still be interested in adding an impact player on the perimeter. The Dallas Mavericks might have just the player ahead of the NBA trade deadline. Perhaps a player like Tim Hardaway Jr. could help further the offense since he’s more of a shot creator, too.

Hardaway Jr. would be a nice fit for a team like Philadelphia. Let’s take a look and see what it might take to get him on the Sixers this season.