This Lakers-Rockets trade teams up Eric Gordon with LeBron, Davis

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been no strangers to big moves to this point of the season. This has led to one of the best squads in the league and could end in a second-straight championship with LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the helm. If they continue to be aggressive at the NBA trade deadline, they could look for some more help on the perimeter.

This is where the Houston Rockets could be a potential trade partner. Houston is another team that is no stranger to big moves in recent months. James Harden is now in Brooklyn while John Wall is playing point guard for the Rockets.

We have some crazy things over time and we may not be done yet. The Rockets are a bit of a rebuilding team, around players like wall and Christian Wood. The new-look front office has already made some big splashes and could look to do it again with players like PJ Tucker or Eric Gordon.

If the Lakers get involved, Gordon can be a good fit and take pressure off LeBron James and Anthony Davis. There is a chance that the Lakers look for more help along the perimeter at the NBA trade deadline. If there is any area they are less than perfect, it is their consistency on the outside.

Eric Gordon would help right away by adding another threat from beyond the arc. The Lakers are shooting it well from three-point range as a team and could get even better as we move forward in the season.

Gordon is a veteran player who would benefit a win-now team immediately. Let’s take a look at what it might take to get this deal done between Los Angeles and Houston.