This Bulls-Timberwolves trade is centered around Karl-Anthony Towns

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At what point do rebuilding teams decide to blow it up and start moving some of their big names? This is a question that both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Chicago Bulls must answer as we move closer to the NBA trade deadline. This is a blockbuster deal that is centered around some of the top big men in the NBA.

We begin with Karl-Anthony Towns. He has played just six games this season and is averaging 21.8 points and 11.3 rebounds in those contests. Minnesota is once again one of the bottom teams in the Western Conference. They are 6-20 on the season and there is no turnaround in sight. This means the front office could decide to make some big moves and it could begin with an alleged disgruntled player in Towns.

If Towns is on the block, the Bulls could be interested. Chicago has fallen to 10-15 on the season despite having some elite talent in Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen. They have both been featured in NBA trade rumors if Chicago decides to blow it up.

Zach LaVine is in the midst of another NBA All-Star caliber campaign scoring 28.1 points per game. It is likely that he is kept around as the star presence in Chicago. Here, the Bulls could be looking for another presence to team up with LaVine.

Towns could be that player. This would get him out of the current situation in Minnesota and to Chicago. Let’s see what a potential deal might look like between the two sides.