This Pistons-Thunder trade gives Blake Griffin a needed fresh start

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a big trade does not have to include championship-level teams. The Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder can prove that right here. They are both rebuilding teams but could get together for a trade centered around NBA star Blake Griffin that would benefit both sides.

Oklahoma City surprised everyone and went to the postseason last year. This was because of an All-Star season from Chris Paul. It is clear that the Thunder went into rebuild mode when they sent Paul to the Phoenix Suns.

Sam Presti has gathered a ton of first-round NBA Draft capital over the next half-decade. There is a plan in Oklahoma City and this could be a move to help put it into motion.

The Pistons were busy in the offseason. They drafted Killian Hayes with the eighth pick in the draft but he will miss time with an injury. They also made some big moves to the frontcourt in free agency by adding Jerami Grant and Mason Plumlee. Detroit has some rookie options that could be made available in a trade if they feel the need.

This trade will be full of salary dumps and fresh starts for veteran players. Here is what it might take to get a deal done between the two sides.