4 NBA teams who could pursue a trade for Coby White

Coby White, Los Angeles Lakers, Bulls, Knicks
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Zach LaVine is starting to take over as the sole NBA All-Star level talent in Chicago. Could the Bulls look to trade their 20-year-old point guard, Coby White, instead? They should definitely consider it, as they could get some solid return for such a young and promising player.

Coby White, a North Carolina alum, is only in his second NBA season and is already murmuring up some NBA trade rumors. White, unfortunately, just doesn’t seem to be a great fit in Chicago.

White struggles to lead the offense and due to the team not really having any veteran presence at his position, he has nobody to learn from. To be clear, he’s shown some promising flashes at times, but the Bulls need to prioritize building a winner around LaVine.

White has all the potential in the world to be one of the best point guards in the NBA, but he needs a veteran to help him get to where he should be. White could likely figure it out on his own, but all of the best players learned how to play from somebody.

White could bring a lot to the table for any team in the NBA, which is what makes him so valuable. Here’s some teams who should look into trading for Coby White.