This 76ers-Thunder trade helps Philadelphia to dump Tobias Harris’ contract

The front office of the Philadelphia 76ers signed two of the worst contracts in the NBA just last year. They have gotten rid of one of them and now could look to dump the other. This trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder could do just that. 

The Sixers brought in Daryl Morey to make basketball decisions in the front office because of their inept ways in recent years. Al Horford was recently sent to Oklahoma City in a deal that involved Danny Green.

The two sides might be able to get together again in a deal for Tobias Harris. Both sides have pieces that the other would want. 

Oklahoma City sent Chris Paul to Phoenix at the beginning of the offseason. Danilo Gallinari signed with the Atlanta Hawks in free agency. This is a team that is looking to get younger and add as much draft capital as possible. Philadelphia is the perfect trade partner for a team like the Thunder. 

These two sides already combined to make one deal this offseason. Here is a scenario where they might make another and soon.