This Pacers-Trail Blazers trade sends CJ McCollum to Indiana

Victor Oladipo has been the centerpiece in many NBA trade rumors so far this offseason. Nothing has happened just yet but the Indiana Pacers could look for a trade partner very soon. If they call the Portland Trail Blazers, they could get back a franchise player like CJ McCollum in return.

The Trail Blazers are looking to have a better finish this NBA season than they did when they were eighth in the Western Conference during the restart. There seems to be off and on mentions of McCollum in trade ideas.

If Portland were to choose to ultimately exercise that option, they could replenish talent around Damian Lillard. It could help to create far more salary-cap flexibility, too, depending, of course, on the particular trade package.

Meanwhile, the Pacers are in a position where they could have to trade Oladipo. He is playing on the final year of his contract and it seems very likely he will leave in free agency next NBA offseason. Indiana should trade him before he could leave and they get nothing for him.

It would be extremely interesting to see these two sides pair up for a deal such as this one. If a deal comes up, it could potentially look something like this.

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