Odds revealed for Victor Oladipo landing contract extension from Pacers

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The greatest storyline surrounding the Indiana Pacers as of late will only become more prevalent in the NBA rumor mill this offseason— Victor Oladipo’s future with the organization.

According to IndyStar’s J. Michael, the Pacers have ‘kept an open door’ for contract negotiations with Oladipo and his representation. However, a deal isn’t expected to get done this offseason.

Entering the final year of a contract the Pacers inherited after trading for him in 2017, Oladipo could’ve signed an extension last year but declined. The Pacers have kept an open door for him to talk but don’t anticipate that will happen.

The reason, made clear by Oladipo and Aaron Turner, is basic math. Oladipo, who is scheduled to make $21 million next season, could get more money (and more years on a contract) by becoming a free agent in the summer of 2021 than by signing an extension. 

Oladipo is eligible for a contract extension and is entering the final season of his four-year, $84 million contract he signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It remains to be seen if he will agree to a new deal with the Pacers this offseason, or take the situation into 2021 NBA free agency.

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The situation is rather complicated when factoring in how Oladipo’s trade value around the NBA isn’t strong. However, if he comes out of the gate flat during the upcoming season, teams may be even less interested in giving up much compensation to get a trade done.

From a bigger picture perspective, is Oladipo the right type of personality the Pacers want to begin a new head coach’s tenure? His actual impact has become far less deserving of the clear-cut No. 1 role he has been afforded— dragging the team’s execution down.

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The confidence level the Indiana Pacers hold in Victor Oladipo’s ability to get on the same page with the rest of the team and reclaim All-Star status will be key in this situation. Neither appears to be all that likely, at this current juncture.

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