The best trade package 76ers could offer Rockets for James Harden

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The Houston Rockets have been in the middle of many trade rumors since the NBA offseason began. They are surrounding the possibility of trading one of their two superstars. In this one, James Harden would end up with the Philadelphia 76ers while Russell Westbrook remains in town. 

The Harden-Westbrook experiment did not work out the way the Rockets hoped. With the organization now in flux after the departures of Mike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey, Houston’s stars could eventually ask out. This could lead to them sending one away and building around one.

Stephen Silas is the new head coach and could look to construct a new roster in Houston. This is a team that has seen regular-season success but has not transferred into the postseason.

This is the same in Philadelphia. The 76ers also have a new head coach in Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey is running the front office. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have not done a lot of postseason winning despite lofty expectations. This could lead to them splitting up their dynamic duo as well.

This trade gets both of those done. Here is what a deal between the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers centered around James Harden might look like.

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