This Bulls-Clippers blockbuster trade features Paul George, Zach LaVine

There are some players around the NBA that struggle to find a steady team while others are in need of a change of scenery. In this blockbuster trade between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers featuring Paul George and Zach LaVine, we have both.

George was brought to Los Angeles for about half a decade’s worth of NBA Draft stock. After one season and an early exit from the playoffs, there have been people calling for a trade.

As for LaVine, he found a home with the Bulls and has turned into a star. However, he doesn’t have a skill-set of being able to lead a team as a primary option but can thrive playing alongside a talent that matches such a description.

The pieces are there for a mutually beneficial trade between the Bulls and Clippers. This would be a huge blockbuster with two stars who need to prove that they can win. This will not be an easy one to get done but it is fun to think about.

If a trade were to happen, it might look something like this between these two teams.

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