NBA scout shares brutally honest feedback about Anthony Edwards

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The 2020 NBA Draft is quickly approaching but it remains to be seen which prospect will be taking with the No. 1 overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves. One player that remains in potential contention is former Georgia standout Anthony Edwards.

Last season, Edwards played a pivotal role for the Georgia Bulldogs— averaging 19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. He showcased his impressive intangibles as an athlete but displayed a raw offensive skill-set that will require refinement.

NBA Analysis Network talked to an NBA scout who asked to remain anonymous for professional feedback on Anthony Edwards.

The scout made it clear that there’s a lot to like about what Anthony Edwards will bring to the table for an NBA team. He only stands at 6-foot-3 but has incredible explosiveness and quickness while possessing a 6-foot-10 wingspan— an intriguing overall combination for a guard prospect.

“There may not be a more prolific athlete in this class than (Anthony) Edwards. It’s no surprise he apparently is impressing teams in workouts. His burst and frame make him almost like a freight train when he turns the corner on you. It’s something that really stands out when you see him up close.

“(Edwards) has some shades of Donovan Mitchell and Victor Oladipo to his game. That’s got to catch your attention no matter where you’re picking (in the NBA Draft).”

Something that stands out about Edwards is his defensive potential. He has all of the physical tools necessary to handle quick guards and body bigger wings— a valuable combination in the NBA.

“The potential Edwards has defensively is truly a sight to behold. He can get physical with bigger wings using his frame but also has the foot speed to slide and stay in front of quicker guards. He does need to lock in off the ball more though.”

The main drawback to Edwards’ skill-set is that he has shown an impressive ability to make shots off the dribble, but hasn’t quite become consistent in that department. Teams could take advantage of this in the NBA.

“It’s pretty clear what the main question is about Anthony (Edwards). He shows flashes of being a dynamic shot creator but can he become a consistent pull-up shooter? If not, teams will drop in pick-and-roll and make straight-line drives tough. His ceiling as one of the main options for a team will be impacted a lot by this.”

When factoring in that Edwards not only has yet to become a reliable pull-up shooter but that he also doesn’t have great playmaking ability, it could be tough for him to develop into being a high-level primary option.

“There are some other areas (Anthony) Edwards must clean up when he gets to the NBA. He has to start seeing plays develop at a more advanced level when making plays. Not being a facilitator or reliable pull-up shooter is a tough combination for a lead option.

“It’s important he ends up being drafted by an organization with a development staff that can help him improve in those areas.”

It will be fascinating to follow Edwards’ NBA career since it seems there’s a wide range of possibilities for how it could play out. His physical tools should help him be an impactful defender but where he ends up in the 2020 NBA Draft could have a real impact on his development offensively.

It appears this year’s NBA Draft class doesn’t feature many prospects with legitimate star potential. Anthony Edwards certainly is one of the few exceptions to that, but for now, it remains to be seen where he will be starting his career.

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