5 teams who should give the Nuggets a call about Gary Harris

Trae Young, NBA Draft, Atlanta Hawks, Gary Harris, Denver Nuggets
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Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks could be a great landing spot for Denver Nuggets guard Gary Harris, as his skillset differs from that of Trae Young. Harris could slide in next to Young in the backcourt, but it would require some maneuvering.

The Hawks already have Cam Reddish, their 2019 first round pick, who’s just 21. Atlanta’s invested in Reddish’s continued development, and it may be a tough sell to acquire Harris if it would be counterproductive to Reddish’s development.

That being said, Atlanta needs to continue to fine tune its core around Young, and they feel Harris is a fit, they should pursue him.

Atlanta is a bit of a wildcard, as the Hawks also hold the No. 6 pick overall selection in next month’s draft.