5 teams who should give the Nuggets a call about Gary Harris

The Denver Nuggets are coming off of a stellar run in the NBA playoffs, and now as Denver looks to the offseason, there are a few moves they could make. One player who could be used as a trade chip may be Gary Harris, who is eligible for free agency after 2022.

Harris, 26, has dealt with injuries in the past that have limited his availability at times. The six-year veteran has yet to play an entire season for the Nuggets, but as load management becomes more common, that’s not a slight on Harris.

The Nuggets face Jamal Murray’s upcoming contract extension, which will kick in for 2020-21, and Murray proved in the bubble he is worth every dollar of his five-year, $158 million pact. But it might hinder Denver’s options pertaining to Harris and others.

Let’s take a look at five teams who should put in a call to see what the Denver Nuggets’ asking price would be for Gary Harris.