NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets have Jrue Holiday on their radar for trade

Brooklyn Nets have Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday on their radar

The Brooklyn Nets will be getting a lot of scoring on the court next season with the returns of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Their focus in the offseason could be on adding more defensive talent. Could Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans be an option?

According to Brian Lewis of The New York Post, the Brooklyn Nets will look to improve defensively this offseason— prompting interest in defensive stopper Jrue Holiday.

The Nets’ biggest concern, now that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are healthy, will be getting stops, not buckets. That’s why they have interest in Jrue Holiday.

It would be fascinating to see what the Nets would be giving up in a potential trade for Holiday. Managing to add an on-ball of his caliber to take the more difficult backcourt matchup would take needed pressure off Irving to be able to focus on what he does best.

The Nets already have a lot of supporting cast guards like Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie on the roster. It would make the most sense for Brooklyn to move at least one of them in a scenario where they land Holiday.

It would make plenty of sense for the Pelicans to capitalize on Holiday’s trade value now to add more pieces to build around Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson. The Nets are in a championship-contention timeline while New Orleans is still rebuilding.

Jrue Holiday has remained loyal to the New Orleans Pelicans through the Anthony Davis debacle and despite not being a playoff team. It would be difficult to move on from him but he just fit with the timeline of the team’s new young core.

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