This Knicks-Clippers trade would send Paul George to New York

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The Los Angeles Clippers are trying to regroup after their collapse in the Western Conference semifinals. As owner Steve Ballmer takes inventory of his assets, could he look to trade Paul George? If George becomes available, the New York Knicks could make a play for him, as New York tries to gain an established star.

As Marc Berman of the New York Post wrote, after the Clippers loss to the Nuggets in game 7, Ballmer reportedly “threatened to trade everybody and fire all of the coaches.”

Clearly, Ballmer does not make empty threats, as evidenced by the fact that Doc Rivers will roam the sidelines for the Philadelphia 76ers next season, and not Ballmer’s Clippers.

But would Ballmer go so far as to trade George?

If Ballmer is willing to trade George, it could be time for a team such as the Knicks to capitalize.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical trade which would send George to New York, and analyze from the perspective of each team.