3 trade packages Knicks could offer Rockets for Russell Westbrook

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The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets will be two teams worth watching this offseason, as each aims to retool with a new head coach. Could these two teams be a match for a potential Russell Westbrook trade?

The Rockets took their best shot with Westbrook and James Harden last season, but Houston still came up short in the Western Conference semifinal vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.

The first domino to fall in the offseason for Houston was coach Mike D’Antoni’s announcement that he would not return next season. Houston has yet to hire a new coach as of this writing, but Westbrook’s fit next season will hinge on the willingness to continue to play small ball.

If the Rockets want to explore Westbrook’s value on the open market, the New York Knicks could be an excellent option for Houston. New York not only has the payroll flexibility to absorb Westbrook’s contract, but the Knicks can also offer a mix of young players and picks in return.

Here are three potential offers the Knicks could make, which could bring Russell Westbrook to Madison Square Garden with with new head coach Tom Thibodeau.

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  1. Please I hope knicks do.not give up all that for a player that does not win…especially RJ.. should be untouchable.. Knicks will be same with Westbrook…patience is needed to develop our own superstar…

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