NBA Trade Rumors: 5 logical landing spots for Rockets' Russell Westbrook

5 teams who should consider a trade for Rockets star Russell Westbrook

The Houston Rockets had high hopes for what they could achieve after swapping Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook in the offseason. The latest star duo formed with James Harden failed to get the job done.

There appeared to be some real overlap between Harden and Westbrook in the Rockets’ offense during the playoffs. Both players are accustomed to being ultra-high usage ball handlers and offer very little as off-ball threats whenever they are in such situations.

It seems Westbrook is best suited trying to shoulder the heaviest load on the team while embracing the uphill climb of being the lone-star on a team. He can handle tons of high pick-and-roll and isolation to carry an offense throughout a regular season and see if they can catch an opponent off-guard in the playoffs.

There are plenty of teams that could benefit from consolidating some of their contracts and draft assets to the Rockets in order to land Westbrook. It’s important to remember, teams will need to make strong revenue after the impact of COVID-19, so having short-term impact holds even more weight now.

With that being said, let’s take a look at five logical trade partners for the Houston Rockets if they were to try to move Russell Westbrook.

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